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Top websites for free images

Do you have to prepare a presentation for college? Are you a blogger who writes about animals? Do you wish to decorate your room? For all these purposes, and much more, you need free photos or royalty free images. Of course, you could just go ahead and buy a camera of your own. But for good pictures, you would have to learn how to use the camera to its maximum potential. It would take a lot of time and money. Therefore, we have a few websites that you can visit. These are perfect if you want to avoid learning photography to build websites or for getting pictures for one of your school projects.

The first website is called stocksnap.io. If you truly love images download all your pictures from this website. It has a large collection of royalty free images. You can visit the website at any time of day. They have a very tidy interface which makes it very easy for visitors to browse through their gallery. Their images do not have any copyright restrictions either. They update their database every week. For animal lovers, they have pictures of cats, dogs, birds and various other nature shots.

The next website is called Gratisography. It features photographs taken by Ryan McGuire. He has been kind enough to make his photos public domains images free. That is, he has made them available as free stock photos to the website’s visitors. There are no copyright restrictions on their photos. Their photos are especially popular for their extremely high resolution. You can download any image you simply by clicking on it once. Gratisography allows its visitors to use their pictures for both commercial and non-commercial purposes. Their database, like that of stocksnap.io, is updated weekly. They also sorted their photographs into categories. There is an entire section that you can visit if, for example, you are looking for animal pictures free download. Under the ‘People’ tab, you will find pictures of babies and adults in various settings. Another special feature offered by them is email subscriptions. A good website tends to offer newsletters via email. Similarly, Gratisography lets you sign up if you want to receive photos directly into your e-mail inbox.

The next famous website offering free images download is Pixabay. There are a few photos that you might have to pay for. But almost all their photos are available for free download. What is special about this website is its keyword-specific search. This means you can look up whatever type of picture you are looking for. Its search engine will conduct a thorough search. It will return the most relevant results. It will save you the time that you would otherwise have to spend browsing manually through the entire website. You can download baby photos, animal photos, or beautiful photos of landscapes and abstract art. Unlike other websites that have free photos, Pixabay has a large collection of free videos as well as vectors. This makes the website stand out from its competitors.

There are many other websites that have a large database of free stock photos. Besides the ones mentioned above, here are some others:

  • FancyCrave
  • Im Free
  • UnSplash
  • Picjumbo
  • FindA.Photo

These websites also have some distinct features. One of them lets you search images according to a specific color. Some of them have free icons and buttons too. One feature that is common among all these websites is that they all have royalty free images that you can download without paying for them. You don’t even have to register or give your private information to these websites in order to be able to download pictures.

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