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Levitation Activewear is the world’s first luxury active to streetwear crossover apparel brand for men, reflective of young LA’s simultaneously sexy and laid-back vibe. Fully manufactured in downtown Los Angeles, Levitation Activewear is made with strategy and practicality to enhance the male form. Moisture resistant, super flexible, wrinkle-free, ultra-strong, and lightweight, all Levitation Activewear garments are created to be functional enough to wear at the gym, but easily translate into streetwear with tailored silhouettes and on-trend color schemes. Through his designs, founder Sean Scott encourages men all over the world to rise and live a more dynamic, fashion-forward and inspired lifestyle - the Levitation Lifestyle.

Sean Scott created Levitation Activewear in 2013 while a student at FIDM, having found himself inspired by Southern California’s active lifestyle culture and ambitious spirit. His venture into the entrepreneurial realm was well-received, and Levitation Activewear continues to grow a strong fan following. As a young name to watch in the industry, Sean Scott maintains a fresh perspective infused with a keen understanding of his peers and their ever-evolving tastes in trends.

Levitation Activewear at Art Hearts Fashion LA Fashion Week
Levitation Activewear at Art Hearts Fashion LA Fashion Week
Levitations Activewear at Kyle Chan's Holiday Love Campaign Party at Sofitel Beverly Hills

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